Album of the Week, Lonely Heart's Club "No Jerks Allowed" - The Pretty Greens | (, The Grey Estates, April 25th, 2015)

There are plenty of days we could all just use a little encouragement. This proves especially true in the case of being a female in today’s society. Sometimes we just need a reminder that are feelings are valid, that we deserve the best and that our future is ours alone to conquer, and we’ll get there when we’re ready.
While we continue on towards our dreams, at a walk or a run, the girls of Philadelphia’s The Pretty Greens are here to stand in our corner. Their latest EP - The Lonely Hearts Club “No Jerks Allowed,” provides a much needed nudge, with their varied garage pop stylings acting as a war cry for the oft-unspoken, but shared struggles we all come to experience in one form or another. 
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Events: The Pretty Greens - "Elevator Eyes" | (, City Paper, Nikki Volpicelli, April, 2015)

Last week, bubble-gum grungers The Pretty Greens released a gorgeous turquoise tape on Negative Fun called Lonely Hearts Club: No Jerks Allowed. Now they're throwing a cassette EP release party that doubles as a fundraiser for the March to End Rape Culture. Also, in an awesome, all-girl power move, The Pretty Greens took to social media last week to promote "anti-street harassment week," and pushed out "Elevator Eyes" — a track that lays waste to cat-callers like nobody's fucking business. It comes with a recommendation: "Blast on your way home from work or perhaps out your car window to deter all attempts at harassment."

Premiere: The Pretty Greens - "Elevator Eyes" | (, The Le Sigh, April 10th, 2015)

The first few days of warm weather after a long winter are exhilarating. You can FINALLY say goodbye to long underwear and puffy coats and soak up the much-needed Vitamin D. It should be a glorious time to bask in the heat before it gets too hot, but your bliss is interrupted when someone hurls a "Hey beautiful" or "Why don't you smile?" your way. Ah yes, spring and summer also mean that the infuriating catcalling season is upon us! Two years ago, we were given Tomboy's "Sweetie" from THE LE SIGH Vol. I to blast while ignoring unwarranted comments from strangers. Today, we have The Pretty Greens' "Elevator Eyes" for channeling our frustration. 
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Power trio The Pretty Greens will release new EP via Negative Fun Records | (, Kerri Ann Raimo, March 29th, 2015)

Local trio The Pretty Greens are a positive force in the local punk rock scene, so we’re pumped to hear about their upcoming cassette EP via Negative Fun Records.
Set for release on April 21, Lonely Hearts Club “No Jerks Allowed” brings forth their raw garage-rock sound with gritty, empowering vocals, while channeling their passion for social justice. Bringing that invincible energy on stage, the group has received comparisons to the likes of The Slits and The Go Go’s.

"Tiny Locket" - The Pretty Greens | The Grey Estates (, March 27, 2015)

Philly’s The Pretty Greens mark their return with a gnarly ode to independence. “Tiny Locket” is the first single from their forthcoming Negative Records released EP - No Jerks Allowed out April 21.

Tonight's Concert Picks: American Wrestlers at The Fire, The Pretty Greens at Kung Fu Necktie, Slayer at The Tower | (, John Vettese, November 30, 2014)

In a similar lo-fi pop vein, Philly trio The Pretty Greens play Kung Fu Necktie tonight. The band at turns evokes the propulsive DIY rock of Vivian Girls and the more twee side of C86-era UK pop. Last December The Pretty Greens released a song about Nordic holiday legend Krampus, which in itself is wicked cool – listen to the song below and get information about the show here.

Allo Darlin' lets the sunshine in | (, A.D. Amorosi for The Inquirer, October 14, 2014)

Philly's favorite feminist art-garage trio, the Pretty Greens, opened with a playful brand of riffing, dirty pop favorably flat-toned vocals shared among the threesome. Despite the fuzz and bursts of angularity, "Jealous Waves" sounded brightly like the Go-Gos at their angriest.

Allo Darlin' and The Pretty Greens at Boot & Saddle | (, Tom Noonan, October 13, 2014)

On Saturday, Boot & Saddle welcomed bi-continental transplants Allo Darlin’ and local scene dwellers The Pretty Greens for a double shot of intimacy. For about two hours, it was the warmest place in Philadelphia.
Boot & Saddle, if you haven’t been, is a Ron Swanson mullet of a venue, styled in halves with a no-nonsense “bar with a side of fries”-type establishment up front and an even less nonsense, 150-person capacity view of the stage in the back. There’s no clutter and little chatter. It’s the kind of place where you’re either listening or you’re leaving. But Saturday offered a third option; people started dancing.
The Pretty Greens opened things up with a crisp set of soft-spoken beach punk. Each song was lean and punchy, clever jabs from a transitioning band that rarely stretched beyond three minutes. This represents the newest iteration of the all female Philly three-piece, who seem to know exactly what they want to say but are trying to find the best way to say it.
Born of the Philadelphia’s strident feminist scene, The Pretty Greens are becoming a Message band with balance, and their set Saturday night gave the city three new voices to be reckoned with. They jangled through some strong new songs, most notable of which were “Jealous Wave” and the yet to be recorded “Ghost”. Both spread the band’s infatuation with bare bones riot grrrl hooks over a more patient and often glowing tide. The obvious references for this revision would be the shade-less surf of Best Coast, but the Pretty Greens seem more interested in the sparse canvases bands like Ought ramble over. They don’t want to get lost in their own waves, so they leave the joys in their songs simple and Message dots complex. This way you’ll dig them enough to do your own research when you get home. (Research:

The Pretty Greens' new "Tiny Locket" will have you pumping your fist in delight | (, Sarah Hughes, October 11, 2014)

The Pretty Greens are a kickass, garage-punk trio who are rapidly making a name for themselves in the Philly music scene – as we learned when Kate Bracaglia interviewed them earlier this year. On Thursday, the group released their song “Tiny Locket” via their Soundcloud page and the quick, 2 minute song will have you grasping for more. The song boasts heavy bass and a simple refrain with vivid lyrical imagery like “Lost in your chaos / a tiny locket in your jewelry box.” While maintaining a serious jam factor, the ladies’ soft vocals bring a unique element to their sound. The Pretty Greens plays Boot & Saddle tonight, so head over to the XPN Concert Calendar for more information and give a listen to “Tiny Locket” below.

The Pretty Greens' Jealous Waves | Just Music That I Like (, September 29, 2014)

Last but certainly not least in a little quartet of fuzz (for now) is Philly trio The Pretty Greens, a new discovery that appeared in my draft folders from an unknown source (sorry, I forgot to link you). Their February EP Jealous Waves bringing a charming slice of DIY indie pop to the table with perhaps title track "Jealous Waves" summing it up best.
You are soon introduced to a super infectious little gem which flutters around your heart with tumbling percussion, simple jagged guitar chords and super soft harmonies, complete with candy sweet vocals that are pretty much impossible not to swoon after.
"Lonely Hunter" reminds me of Tender Trap; catchy, melodic surf pop rhythms with clever wordplay lyrics, you can imagine it being even more fun live. There's even room for a cover of The Palisades' "Make the Night a Little Longer," transforming 60's girl group Motown sound to pure jangle pop bliss. Extend your summer and grab the dreamy three track EP now, available via Bandcamp.

Summertime Sips & Summertime Sounds | (, Kate Bracaglia, August 28, 2014)

Summertime Sips and Summertime Sounds is our occasional, seasonal foray into summer vibes with our fave local “summertime” bands, in which we meet up, share a drink, and revel in the sunny weather (check out editions 1, 2, and 3, featuring Work Drugs, Cruiser and Chill Moody, here). Today we catch up with Philly’s The Pretty Greens; read on to experience the adventure.

One thing I love about The Pretty Greens is that their take on “summer” music is delightfully multi-faceted. They’re not writing music to escape, or bliss out to; and they’re not writing ragers to sweat out to in some basement. No, The Pretty Greens are writing music that’s visceral and tough to characterize, incorporating bits of surf, garage, Brill Building pop, punk, new wave, and more, into a warm blend of sounds that’s perhaps more evocative of the real complexities of life.

Not surprisingly, people have started to take notice. In the past year, they’ve shared bills with the likes of La Luz, Hunters, Shannon and the Clams, and Upset; this fall, they’re opening for the generally wonderful Allo Darlin.’ The Philly trio back up solid songwriting with a high-energy live show—and real enthusiasm that comes from believing in your message.

On stage, the girls go by Carly Green, Julia Green, and Kool Schmool; in real life they’re Carly, Julia, and Sarah. And while they seem a little like garage-punk bad-asses on stage, in real life, they’re totally sweet and psyched to be drinking mid-week beers with me. 

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Tonight’s Concert Picks | (, Julie Miller, August 22, 2014)

Local punk trio The Pretty Greens play North Star Bar tonight. The self-described feminist art-garage pop-punk outfit released an EP called Jealous Waves earlier this year, reaching out to melodic surf punk to create a Best-Coast-with-a-mission vibe. Watch the band play the title track to the EP live below. Tickets and information for tonight’s 21+ show can be found here. (Julie Miller)

Records I Like | (, March 6, 2014)

"1960′s Girl Group meets indiepop meets Riot Grrrl courtesy of Philadelphia’s The Pretty Greens.

The excellent Jealous Waves EP features three tracks including the band’s cover of The Cookies (recording under the name The PalisadesMake the Night a Little Longer. It’s a free download on February Records or you can buy a CD version directly from the band.”

Philadelphia Weekly | (Philadelphia Weekly, Bill Chenevert, March 5, 2014)

It's Easy Being the Pretty Greens

Friday night is the culmination of a long-planned collaboration between dozens of artists, as Alien She—a traveling exhibition that just wrapped up at Carnegie Mellon’s Miller Gallery in Pittsburgh—kicks off a nearly two-month residency at Vox Populi. It’s a collection of works that investigate and celebrate the long-lasting influences of the riot grrrl movement. And after its opening night at Vox, the festivities migrate up to Johnny Brenda’s, where a badass lineup of females will deliver a living and breathing tribute to riot grrrl.
Does it need to be said what the movement for women in punk and rock ‘n roll is all about? Well, it started with bands like Bratmobile, Bikini Kill, Team Dresch, Sleater-Kinney and Heavens to Betsy and addressed issues like racism, sexism and feminism—sometimes specifically within rock contexts—and it never really stopped. In fact, among this lineup are some of Philly’s finest examples of how the pioneering work accomplished a couple decades ago hasn’t been lost on subsequent generations.
Mannequin Pussy, a thrash-and-scream trio from New York City, headline the afterparty, but Pushin’ It 2 The Limit, The Pretty Greens and Trophy Wife are ours. And Sarah Muhl, also known as Kool Schmool, the newest member of The Pretty Greens, had lots to say about her band and their upcoming biggest show to date.

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A Layer Of Chips | (, February 23, 2014)

"This is a delicious slice of DIY pop from Philadelphia, which brings to All Girl Summer Fun Band, The Icicles - even Tender Trap in parts, and it’s another triumph from the transatlantic February Records.

The title track is all understated majesty and shambling shoegaze strums with a laid-back, almost coy nature. Meanwhile, Lonely Hunter brings to mind Unrest or, closer to home, September Girls’ earlier stuff.  There’s even time for a cover of The Palisades’ ‘Make the Night a Little Longer’, which is a deft little coquette of song.

If there was any justice in the world, then The Pretty Greens would be famous and Liam Gallagher’s fashion label would be (literally) consigned to the dustbin of history.  It won’t happen, of course, but then that shouldn’t take anything away from just how flippin’ ESSENTIAL The Pretty Greens are.  If they don’t make it across the sea to play in the UK this year then I’ll throw a terrible strop.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Cryptic Rock | (, February 14, 2014)

Philadelphia’s The Pretty Greens are Carly, Julia, and Kool Schmool – three women who fully embrace the DIY aesthetic and are an active and integral part of their artistic community. Their songs express a variety of influence and style and often carry a hint of the band’s “proud feminist-grrrl philosophy.” With recent line-up changes, an on-going fanzine, and new songs recorded, The Pretty Greens are stronger than ever.

AM Gold | The Pretty Greens, “My Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” (Matters of the heart discussed through layers of bright dreampop)
(Impose Magazine, Dayna Evans, February 13th, 2014)

"Philadelphia’s music scene is indeed thriving and well, The Pretty Greens unveiled a lovely track entitled “My Heart Is A Lonely Hunter” to prove it. In honor of the forthcoming Valentine’s holiday, the song explores matters of the heart with both a sincere and sorrowful palette. As a three-piece, The Pretty Greens are spare enough to fill the holes with light vocals and touching melodies, but have the gumption and push to demand respect and thoughtful listens. It’s no surprise that the song title alludes to Carson McCullers—her disposition is largely the same.

This track comes from Jealous Waves, a three-song EP to be released on Valentine’s Day through February Records.”

Preview The Pretty Greens’ Valentine’s Day EP with “My Heart Is A Lonely Hunter”
(The Key on XPN, Patricia Madej, February 13th, 2014)

"Three-piece Philly punk group The Pretty Greens list fashion and cats as some of their collective interests, but let’s not forget feminism and garage rock. They’ll release three new tracks, collectively called the Jealous Waves EP, as a Valentine’s Day gift to their fans tomorrow; get a little preview with “My Heart is a Lonely Hunter” below.

As the song starts, listeners can picture their sound bouncing off the walls in any local basement or house show; it has raw vocals, a surfer sound and steady guitar riffs and a punchy drum beat, but with easily identifiable 80s punk / new wave nods to The Go-Gos and Blondie. The band plays Ortlieb’s Lounge on Saturday the 15th ,and joining them at the 21+ show will be U.K. folk group Peggy Sue and The Mariner’s Children. More information can be found at the XPN Concert Calendar. Check out “My Heart is a Lonely Hunter” below.”

The Pretty Greens
(Sleepy Kitty, blog, September 4, 2013)

"Last night in Philly: The Pretty Greens and Mike Wojciechowski are both righteous bands in completely different ways. Mike’s incredibly intimate lyrics are the kind I wish I could write, and The Pretty Greens have Olympia in their blood. Looking forward to blasting the Pretty Greens in the van on our way home!”