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Lonely Hearts Club, "No Jerks Allowed"

by The Pretty Greens

Debut six-song cassette EP by the Pretty Greens. Recorded at InDaRed Studios in Philadelphia, PA. Mixed by Kool Schmool and Clint Eastburn, and mastered by Quinn Arlington Waters (Caffeine Machine) in 2015.

Release date:
Tuesday, April 21st, 2015
Record label:
Negative Fun (
Tuesday Bassen (


Jealous Waves

by The Pretty Greens

Three lovely tracks (Jealous Waves, Lonely Hunter, and a cover of Make The Night A Little Longer by The Palisades) by The Pretty Greens. Released digitally on February Records ( on February 14, 2014. All recordings were produced and recorded by Will Noon with single artwork by Stephanie Kao.


8.22.2014 / Live at The North Star (Philadelphia) Video / Image by HellIsThisImage


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