TGIF! "Elevator Eyes" premieres on The Le Sigh!

We're stoked to announce the official premier of our track Elevator Eyes on The Le Sigh today!

"The first few days of warm weather after a long winter are exhilarating. You can FINALLY say goodbye to long underwear and puffy coats and soak up the much-needed Vitamin D. It should be a glorious time to bask in the heat before it gets too hot, but your bliss is interrupted when someone hurls a "Hey beautiful" or "Why don't you smile?" your way. Ah yes, spring and summer also mean that the infuriating catcalling season is upon us! Two years ago, we were given Tomboy's "Sweetie" from THE LE SIGH Vol. I to blast while ignoring unwarranted comments from strangers. Today, we have The Pretty Greens' "Elevator Eyes" for channeling our frustration."

The official review and write-up is over here: 

We also made a couple of new friends today, and found out about a radio show called RIOT! based out of Tel Aviv at a station there called, KZRadio! You can check out Nitzan Pincu's programme and some of her latest show archives here:

If you have trouble translating the web page (we suggest using Chrome to translate), you can click the third icon from the top of the page for SHOWS and to select Nitzan's show - just click on Riot! and a list of her recent shows will appear. So cool!

We also have a bit to announce coming up, including our tour dates with our amazing pals and label mates on Negative Fun in Greensboro, NC's Daddy Issues!  It's gonna be a great spring and summer, guys! Also in the news - Boston made it official, and it's going to be Riot Grrrl Day on April 9th every year in honor of Kathleen Hannah's visit to speak there this year on this day. NYC of course had it's own rebuttal via the Gothamist's Lauren Evans

"The mayor of Boston has officially declared today "Riot Grrrl Day," in honor of Kathleen Hanna's appearance in that city this evening. Very cool, Boston, but guess what? Today's Riot Grrrl Day here in NYC, too, because Rebel Girls don't wait for mayors to sanction their goddamn holidays."